Communication with people with disabilities can be taught/trained via peer support. Youth (peers), both with and without disabilities, can share experiences and learn from each other. This also make youth with disabilities more vocal and thereby facilitate their participation in society, enabling them to become fully active citizens.

Peer support advocated by our project touches the real core aspect of inclusion of young people with disabilities: giving them a voice as well as being able to interact with that voice. The trained youth carried this competence beyond childhood and young adulthood into their adult life, advocating it and influencing others to learn how to interact with peers with disabilities, of all ages.

Inclusive Communication Peer Support Hub is aimed at anyone with an interest in improving their inclusive communication tools and developing processes especially dedicated to the youth community. The Hub aims to promote inclusion and accessibility in its content and structure. Our concept of inclusive information is to make everything easy to access and simple to understand, and then our message will go further.